Design Flow

Step 1

Determine daily energy requirement based on individual appliance use.

Step 2

Select Panel Specification and get the total number of Panels.

Step 3

Calculate total Battery capacity considering daily consumption and back-up time.

Step 4

Obtain the current rating of Charge controller based on power generation.

Step 5

Decide the Capacity of the Invertor keeping scalability in mind.

E-Solar Calculator


1. Rating should be in Watts

2. Hours stands for number of hours you will be running the appliance

3. Your location will determine the angle at which the panel should be placed

4. Hemisphere decides the direction your panel faces

5. Panel and Battery specifications depend on local availiabilty

6. A battery volatge of 24 V is recommended for system having capacity greater than 1KW

System requirements
Please Provide load details
Please provide Panel and Battery specifications

Note: Panels above 200W are rated at 24V

Power consumed
Energy consumed
Panel Efficiency
Total Energy required
Total sunshine hourse

Selected Panel wattage
No of Panels required
Placement of panels
Angle of panels from ground

Lead acid battery effficiency
Lead acid DOD
Selected battery capacity
Selected battery voltage
Battery capacity required
No of Batteries

Current rating charge controller
Current rating charge controller with extra leverage
Voltage rating of charge controller

Power rating of inverter
Voltage rating of inverter